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The most important component of the garage door system. Safety and operation. Torsion springs and cables.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage springs are designed to hold tension. With this tension, the movement of the garage door is smoother and easier to operate. You should be aware that springs come with a certain lifespan of about 15-20k cycles (roughly 8-10 years), and will eventually break down.

We normally recommend that you repair or change both the extension and torsion springs at the same time because the lifespan of your sprigs is similar. When one spring breaks, it’s just a matter of time before the other one goes as well.

The garage door spring is part of a system, that also includes steel cables, one on each side. These cables run alongside the track and help to stabilize the door. Simply put, without the garage door cable your door can’t move.

The cable bears the weight of the door when it’s operating. The constant tension on the cable can cause the steel to fray and produce tears. If ignored, these tears can cause the cable to break, which can then result in a major breakdown of your garage door. To avoid this, you should call us for cable inspections, repairs, and installations!

Our technicians are experts and are well-versed in how to repair garage door springs quickly, and efficiently. We also offer a 90-day warranty on all of our labor.

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My husband called them this morning and our garage door was fixed before noon. Now that’s service! John was super nice and informative. On top of that, the total cost of the repair was the same price as just having someone from another garage door company come out and take a look. Boo to you evil garage door company. We found someone better. Thanks to the internet for pointing us to this Oxnard Garage Door Repair. 🙂

– Amy, Ventura (Yahoo Local Review)