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4 Factors to Check When a Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close

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Garage doors are complicated machines that can malfunction over time. However, homeowners can spot or observe common signs and symptoms of what causes the doors to malfunction. Therefore, before calling an expert for repairs, here are some of the most common issues garage doors can encounter and their common fixes.

1. Misaligned Door Track

A garage door is a cumbersome machine connected to a track. So how does the door move out of place? The most common cause of misalignment is a result of improperly placed tracks. Therefore, leveling the surface where the tracks will stick should help produce an aligned space.

The track is the metal structure that the door moves along, and it has either a roller or a rubber wheel that guides the panel to where it should go. A misaligned track will often lead to difficulties in moving the garage door. Oiling it should provide a quick fix, but calling a professional should give a more permanent solution.

2. Lodged Objects

The garage door is one of the most often used doors in the house. It is in constant contact with many objects, especially when it comes to the construction of the house. There are strong chances that one of these objects will get stuck and eventually lodge inside your garage door during its operation.

A basketball is one of the most common objects resulting in clogging inside your garage door. The ball gets stuck in the mechanism and defies the automatic opening and closing, leaving you with a jammed garage door. Depending on the size of the lodged object, you may be able to pull it out yourself. However, if the item is too big and heavy, doing it on your own can be dangerous, which is why it is best to call a professional.

3. Bent Tracks

The tracks are the metal structures that support the weight of the garage door and the tension of the springs. If the tracks are bent, the door could get stuck and have difficulty moving up and down. That is why it is essential to check the tracks before calling a professional for repairs.

It can also be hard to test for bent tracks because of the potential damage it can cause to the door. But you can do a few things to determine if the tracks are bent. You can do a visual inspection and look for any flaws between the tracks and the door. Homeowners can also use a level to see if there are gaps between the floor and tracks.

4. Activated Lock Mode

When the door has been locked in the middle of the operation, it presents a problem for homeowners. However, it is a standard feature for most garage doors, and there should be a way to unlock it. The feature prevents intruders from opening the door when it is in motion.

If the door is in the middle of the closing process, you may hear the motor working at a higher rate than usual or the sound of a screeching or grinding noise. There should be a way to unlock it immediately, but this will depend on the model of the garage door.


The best way to avoid the common problems is to have your garage door checked and serviced regularly. You can have the door taken care of by a professional, or the homeowner can do some regular maintenance. As a homeowner, it is best to take care of your garage door to avoid any damage and prevent you from having to deal with these problems.

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